With 104 Colorado Districts Adopt Four-Day School Week, What Can Kids Do?


As many school districts in Colorado face severe restrictions, they adopted the four-days-long school week. How should students spend this day off?

What Should Kids Do to Fill in the Gap Day?

Crystal Gallegos sends off her two children, Angelica and Paul, every Monday to the nearby Nature center to volunteer instead of sending them to school. She is one of the numerous parents in Colorado who are doing similar things. In other words, they are trying to fill this gap day with some educational activities since different Colorado districts have decided to reduce school week to four days. The school officials decided to make this move to battle the dire financial situation that the state education is in.

Many non-profit organizations have teamed up with business to offer various activities that would replace regular school lessons Colorado children are missing out. The great thing is that the range of these activities goes from gardening to robotics classes.

Colorado, unfortunately, holds an infamous record of being the U.S. state where most school districts adopted a four-day school week. Data collected on the state level show the worrying fact that 104 of 178 Colorado school districts work on a four days schedule. This increase is huge compared to only 33 districts that made the same move in 2000.

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