Is the US Prepared for the Ideas of Former Governor Hickenlooper?

John Hickenlooper is a Democrat who served as the governor of Colorado between 2011 and 2019. He brought many changes to Colorado’s legislation, and the population was more than happy with them. Nowadays, Hickenlooper is not a governor anymore, but he did inform the public that he will be running for the presidential elections in […]

Is the Right to Bear Arms Hurting Our Kids and Triggering School Shootings?

In a number of shooting events happening all over the USA, the last one has probably triggered the biggest reactions. Kendrick Castillo is a young man that you have probably heard about in all the national and international news. He selflessly threw himself at the shooter in order to defeat the gunman and protect his […]

Physical Health in Colorado at the Top of the Game — Mental Health in Crisis

People know Colorado as one of the most physically fit states. The residents of this state lead healthy and athletic lives, and they enjoy all kinds of sports. In fact, Colorado residents are so healthy that they have the second lowest rate of cardiovascular disease. Suicide Rates Are Not Dropping However, psychologists claim that Colorado […]