A Psychological Survey Conducted Among Teenagers Carries an Important Message

Colorado is one of the states with the highest percentage of suicides. School officials try to find a way to prevent the tragedy. A Psychological Survey Tackles Serious Mental Health Challenges A group of psychologists, therapists and counselors gathered in a conference room at a Canyon City high school on a Monday morning in April. […]

The Glorification of Two Heroes That Gave Their Lives for Others May Be Dangerous

There are serious issues to be discussed related to the reactions to recent school shootings in Colorado state. Can People Learn How to Handle Life-Threatening Situations? There is a new trend in Colorado schools regarding school safety. Nowadays, the training includes the youngest students who learn how to help their teacher block the door and […]

Adam Lerner Is Leaving the MCA After Ten Stellar Years

The director and the creative animator who reinvented the entire concept of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver stepped aside at his peak. Adam Lerner Is Leaving the MCA in Search for New Challenges Adam Lerner, a respected curator, is going to leave Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art in June after ten successful years […]

With 104 Colorado Districts Adopt Four-Day School Week, What Can Kids Do?

As many school districts in Colorado face severe restrictions, they adopted the four-days-long school week. How should students spend this day off? What Should Kids Do to Fill in the Gap Day? Crystal Gallegos sends off her two children, Angelica and Paul, every Monday to the nearby Nature center to volunteer instead of sending them […]